Organic Tapioca Syrup: Providing Wholesome Sweetness to the Organic Cocoa Cassava Bar

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In this age of processed foods and beverages, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is the king of sweeteners. HFCS is a boon for food manufacturers because it’s sweeter than common sugar, cheap to produce and easy to transport. However, high fructose corn syrup is a bane for your health, as it is one of the worst things you can consume.

High fructose corn syrup can destroy your health in many different ways. This chemically-converted sweetener is the main source of calories in the American diet and is also believed to be one of the major contributors to the obesity epidemic.

It’s virtually impossible to avoid this unhealthy sweetener because it’s found in the most common foods and beverages, including soda, fruit juice, cereal, ice cream, cookies, soups, sauces, even in diet foods and that supposedly wholesome nutritional bar.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is flabbergasted at the fact that most of the energy bars still contain high fructose corn syrup when it is metabolized into fat faster than any other sugar-based sweetener. How can these food bars claim to be ideal snacks when they contain something that slowly destroys health?

Dr. Mercola takes sweeteners and food bars very seriously. That is why his new natural energy bar, the Organic Cocoa Cassava Bar, does not contain HFCS, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. The only sweetener found in his Organic Cocoa Cassava Bars is organic tapioca syrup.

organic cocoa cassavaTapioca syrup, also known as cassava syrup, is a unique and naturally-produced sweetener made by converting the cassava tuber or root into syrup using natural enzymes. Tapioca syrup provides a sweetness, body and humectancy that’s similar to high fructose corn syrup but this natural sweetener is hypoallergenic and not genetically- modified.

Tapioca syrup provides a hint of natural sweetness to the Organic Cocoa Cassava Bar, and at the same time, keeps it moist and naturally helps preserve the product’s shelf life.

The organic cocoa cassava bar succeeds where most energy bars fail – using a natural and wholesome sweetener. But this natural energy bar doesn’t just provide wholesome sweetness and serious taste; it’s also densely packed with serious nutrition and backed by a USDA-certified organic seal.

Don’t settle for inferior energy bars that just rely on sleek marketing but offer no nutritional value. Try an Organic Cocoa Cassava Bar now and discover one of the best health bargains available!

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Responses to “Organic Tapioca Syrup: Providing Wholesome Sweetness to the Organic Cocoa Cassava Bar”

  1. Patricia Marshall says on :

    Do you have a nutritional value list for the cocoa cassava bars?

  2. Jan Bowers says on :

    what is the fructose content of cassava syrup

  3. Bill Lockton says on :

    Curious why you don’t have the sweetness come directly from foods used to make the bar, instead of adding sugar in the form of tapioca syrup? There are many who say that tapioca syrup is functionally identical to HFCS, and providing a whole food product would alleviate that problem. An organic, non-GM, hypoallergenic HFCS is still an HFCS, and the problems with HFCSs go far beyond being genetically modified and/or potentially allergenic. So, what was the rationale? It seems a bit contrary to his philosophical stance.

  4. Sol says on :

    I’ve heard on other websites that even though tapioca syrup is better for you than corn syrup, it is still considered a “high fructose” syrup, (as well as agave syrup), and is therefore still hard on your body. Do you have any thoughts that pertain to this? I’m trying to figure out if they’re just replacing one very horrible sugar with a horrible sugar.

  5. Judy McGill says on :

    Is there a nutritional facts list for these bars? I would like to know how many carbs are in them, plus the sodium content. I am surprised that Dr. Mercola did not use Stevia in this product.

  6. Rosanna says on :

    why can’t you sue coconut sap to sweeten your bar. i do like them but i do think that if you can go 100% whole food is so much better for you . clean eating is what i do and it’s hard to fine any premade anything that is all whole food.

  7. Felipe says on :

    “High fructose corn syrup can destroy your health in many different ways.”
    Which many? You just wrote about obesity. But even lettuce can make you obese if you eat too much!

  8. Cindy says on :

    I see questions but no answers. Does anyone get their questions answered. I am thinking about buying but need to see the nutritional information.

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  10. Rebbeca says on :

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    Keep writing!

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